iphone exploded

A teenager’s iPhone “exploded” as he travelled on the Eurostar, burning and scratching his arm. 

Arthur Smith, 19, was returning from touring Europe by motorbike when the two-year-old iPhone 5s “blew up”.

The trainee lawyer from Streatham is now considering legal action against Apple. He told the Standard: “I was asleep on my way home when my iPhone started to ring.


This is the second story about an iPhone exploding I’ve heard about this week; in my 7 years of working as a technician repairing iPhones mainly I’ve only encounter a problem like this once when we puncture a battery and then in caught on fire.


I strongly believe this are very rare cases and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase a new iPhone because of this reason; I think a very good tip I can give is to make sure your battery doesn’t start inflating as this can cause further damage to your device; you’ll be able to notice this when the screen of your iPhone starts to pop out as shown below;

inflated battery iPhone

*Source – The Standard