1. How long will my repair take?

    • Well it depends on your device. Most iPhone repairs take around 1 hour and iPad repairs generally take around 2 hours. If you want a different device repaired then generally we aim for next day but can get most done same day depending on parts and what the fault is. If you visit the Holborn or Canary Wharf branches then it is normally a next day service as they are drop off centres.
  2. How does it work?

    • We try to keep it as simple as possible, you can choose to either go through the online quote form (see above) or just call us. Once you have done that simply post, courier or walk in to the offices and we will take the device give you a receipt for the device and get it fixed and give you a collection time. If you are posting or having it couriered then we will email or call you when the device has arrived to confirm all the details. Simple.
  3. Can I just walk in?

    • Short answer is Yes, if you would like to get an engineer to have a look at your device when you walk in you would need to go to the London Wall office but if you just want to drop the device off for a next day repair then you can just visit either the Holborn or Canary Wharf office without an appointment.
  4. How can I pay?

    • We take payment in Cash, Bank Transfer or almost all Cards except AMEX.
  5. I have read that if you get the screen replaced you get an error 53?

    • There was an issue with getting HOME BUTTONS replaced leading to a security issue in the software. However, we do not replace the home buttons when doing a screen repair we just re-use the original button and keep using the finger print scanner. The problem is that if you need a home button replacing, due to a digital signature between the parts on the device you will not be able to use the finger print sensor to unlock your phone ever again but Apple have fixed the issue in the newer versions of the software so you will still be able to update and use the rest of the phone normally.
  6. Will my data be deleted?

    • We will never delete a person’s data without either contacting them first for permission or agreeing it at the point of receiving the device. However we cannot guarantee that you data is safe and can take no responsibility for lost data, as such we always recommend that all your data is backed up regularly to avoid such loss.
  7. I dropped my phone down the toilet, can you fix it?

    • Although this is much more common than you might think the short answer is “We don’t know”, sorry. When it comes to liquid damage every device is different and it really is a gamble. We are willing to look into the damage but we can never guarantee that we can fix liquid damage and we also do not offer a warrantee on any liquid damaged devices.
  8. How do I know if I need the glass or LCD replaced?

    • If you can still see everything on the display and you can still use it as normal but the service is cracked or even bits missing then you just need the glass replaced, if you cant see the image or its not displaying right or the touch is not responsive then you need to replace the complete LCD unit.
  9. How can I get my repair to you?

    • If you are located with 3 miles of the London Wall office we can offer a same day courier pick up and return depending on the repair, you can always walk in to our offices in London to drop your device off or you can post you device to us from pretty much anywhere in the world and we can offer secure return postage back.
  10. What devices can you repair?

    • The world of mobile devices is always changing and as such we are constantly adding more devices to our list of repairable devices. The best option for you is to either email or call us with the details of your device and what needs to be repaired.